My Canmore : opening up the RCAHMS database to user-generated content

The RCAHMS database, Canmore, contains information on more than 280,000 sites of archaeological and architectural interest across Scotland, and provides the main window into RCAHMS extensive collection of original material. Since August 2009, as the legacy of the RCAHMS Centenary project Treasured Places, Canmore has been opened up to public contributions. Users can now attach both comments and images to any Canmore site and share these with others. They can also customise the Canmore interface to their own requirements and manage their contributions to the site.

This presentation will look at the progress of this initiative to date, review how successful it has been and point forward to possible future developments.

Alan Muirden

Alan has been Education & Outreach Manager at RCAHMS since August 2005. Prior to this, he built up more than 20 years experience in the Further Education sector, teaching Communication & Media and becoming closely involved with FE college work in creating online resources and developing virtual learning environments. From 2004-5, he worked as a Curriculum Adviser for the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) in the JISC Regional Support Centre at Edinburgh’s Telford College, supporting FE lecturers across the North and East of Scotland in their use of ICT in teaching and learning.

Listen to Alan’s presentation on our Resources page.