Culture popped

Social media has transformed the gaming sector in the past two years after a decade of ambivalence. It has perplexed the education world but engaged learners in learning like never before. How has the cultural sector reacted to the shifts in communication, friendship, digital content creation and information sharing? More importantly, what has the cultural sector done to harness them?

Ewan McIntosh shares some imaginative practice in pop culture before outlining what attitudes and practices Scotland’s cultural groups can do to stay ahead in this global game.

Ewan McIntosh
Ewan is one of Europe’s foremost experts in digital media for public services. Having founded NoTosh Limited in 2009, he now invests in startups on behalf of public and private investors, consults on digital media potential in communications and civic participation, and develops digital media skills in the world of education. You can work with Ewan and his team, or find out more on their work, at

Listen to Ewan’s presentation on our Resources page.